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Boston is one of the most difficult cities in the U.S. in terms of driving conditions and parking opportunities. Forget about driving around the city's winding streets for free parking. You'd be lucking to find metered parking in Back Bay or the North End. And of course, during the baseball season Red Sox fans takeover, so parking in Kenmore is nearly impossible. Some local lots and garages charge as much as $50 when there's a home game in town.

If you plan to stay any longer than a day in Beantown, you are going to need to find long-term parking. Whether it's weekly or monthly, preparation is the key to avoiding competition for meters from the thousands of other commuters in the same situation. That's where ParkingSpotter comes in. ParkingSpotter allows the owner of a parking spot to post his or her property for free. Parking seekers then search for parking near their address, and all nearby parking lots and parking garages are displayed. The process for finding parking in Boston could not be simpler or more efficient. The prices of all available spaces are listed, along with a description of whether the parking space is covered or not.

Having more parking options also means having more housing choices. Unfortunately, a person's parking situation can also determine their living situation; that is, where they are able to get an apartment or home. Apartments with available parking command much larger rents than those without. In fact, those who can't rely on the MBTA to get them to work each morning often find themselves paying high rent to live in an apartment in a poor location, simply because the apartment has a space for their car.

The fact is that your parking situation should not determine where you live and should not determine any other part of your life. Take control of the situation by finding affordable, safe, and convenient long-term parking options and make your life that much easier.

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